How to remove grass in pubg mobile?

Today i ‘ m going to let you know how to remove grass from pubg mobile game.

i know everyone hates who wears a ghillie suit in pugb. if you are coming in top 10 and you are knocked out or killed by someone who lay down in to the grass and wears a ghillie suit and you dont know from where that player is targerting and gives you a headshot from the grass.

from the replacing one file from your android phone you can remove the grass from the pubg game and you can see all the snakes who lay down on the grass with the ghille suit.

Then here is the steps to change that file :-

Click Here to DOWNLOAD
  1. Open file manager.
  2. open Android folder
  3. Data folder
  4. .tencent.ig / Files / Ue4games / Shadowtra / shadowtra / saved / paks
  5. and paste that file
  6. Reopen game and you can see the grass are removed.

you can replace this file from your own risk if you are caught by the them then they can banned your main pubg account for 10 min or 10 years i m not sure about the banned time limit.

Best suggestion try this with the guest account.

if you got any banned notification for the sort time period then you need to remove that file from that folder and wait for the banned limit.

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