how to locked my facebook profile?

Here will let you know how to locked my facebook profile, if you want to locked facebook profile then you just need to follow some step.

If you see This profile is locked on someone’s profile, that person has locked their profile to help protect their posts and photos from people they don’t know. Locking your profile includes features like:

  • Profile picture protection: People they aren’t friends with on Facebook can only see a small preview of their current profile picture on their Facebook profile, and can’t like, share or comment on them on Facebook.
  • Friends only: Posts and photos are only shared with their friends. Posts that are always public (example: blood donation requests, Crisis Response posts) are still public and visible to everyone.

How To Facebook Account Disabled

how to locked my facebook profile :

  • Open Facebook app on your phone and go to Settings >> Timeline and Tagging >> Tagging ; and select the option to “Friends” only.
  • Go back one step and look for “Help and support” >> Help Center >> Search for the keyword “Lock profile”.
  • Tap on “How do locked profiles work”( might be 4th or 5th option in the list).

how to locked my facebook profile
  • Scroll down and look for “lock profile” there. Tap on it and you profile will be locked.

how to locked my facebook profile

That way nobody can see the photos and posts other than your friends.

What do you notice here?

how to locked my facebook profile

This feature is not showing up for my own account because it seems it’s not yet available in my home country.

Before you conclude, please follow the steps and confirm if it has been rolled out in your country or not because I have seen other people use this awesome facebook feature.


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