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Facebook Search Results Now Include Public Posts as Well As Friends’ Posts

Fb is working trending public posts into search results, so if you’re looking for information about a current event or trending topic, you’ll probably see posts from media and influences alongside posts from people you know..

To search for something:

Click the search bar at the top of any page on Facebook. Enter what you’re looking for and choose from the results.

Facebook search

When typing something, you may see predictions for what you’re looking for. If you see what you’re looking for in these predictions, click it to save time searching.

To filter your search results:

Type something into the search bar at the top of any Facebook page or select a search prediction. Click a filter at the top (example: People, Photos) to narrow your search.

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To use keywords in search:
Search supports keyword searches to help you find what you’re looking for on Fb. When you start searching with keywords (example: Caroline wedding or cookie recipe Lisa) you’ll see results that you can filter.

I can’t find someone using Facebook search.

If you can’t find someone using Facebook search, it may be because:

Your search isn’t specific enough.

Try searching for their name and location to be more specific.

You’ve blocked them.

The person you’re looking for may have limited their privacy settings or blocked you.

Sometimes people forget that they’ve limited their settings.

If you still can’t find one of your friends, ask them to look at their privacy settings.

If someone can’t find you using facebook search, it may be because:

You’ve blocked someone.

If you block someone, they won’t be able to find you in search. If you want that person to be able to find you, you can unblock them.


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