Whatsapp Dare Messages Question-Answers

Whatsapp Dare Messages Question-Answers

Whatsapp Dare question 1 :

Whatsapp Dare game, Just choose an alphabet from A to Z



A: Propose me in sexiest style

B: Make my name as your status saying that you want to marry me.

C. Who was your first crush

D: tell me your biggest secret

E: write am the love of your life in your status wid name

F: Write my name in ur status for A day

G: What you had done exact before sleeping yesterday

H: Record three minutes clip, saying something about me and send me.

I: give.me a tight hug

J: send me a pic of urs childhood

K: icecream party

L: long drive

M: one song for me

N: Go shopping with me

O: What you will do, If I block you now on whatsapp

P: send me i love u three times

Q: Like and comment on all my pics on Facebook

R: send a pic of your legs

S: Tell me why u love me

T: send me video of you telling me I am sweet

U: tell me the stupidest thing you did in your life

V: Have you ever think to block me on whatsapp

W: Tell me how many Bf and Gd you have?

X: Why don’t take bath today

Y: Update your status with message ‘I am stupid’

Z: You are my, I can’t live without you.

Whatsapp Dare question 2 :

Select your desired Heart Number and reply me in 10 seconds and I will send you Dare for your selected Heart and remember that you can’t back out as you have chosen to play this Whatsapp Game.

❤1 ❤2 ❤3 ❤4 ❤5 ❤6 ❤7 ❤8 ❤9 ❤10 ❤11 ❤12 ❤13 ❤14 ❤15 ❤16 ❤17 ❤18 ❤19 ❤20


Here is the Dare to perform for your selected Heart Number.

1. ❤ Propose Me. 📷

2. ❤ Make My Name As Your Status, Saying That You Want To Marry Me.💍

3. ❤ Send Me I Love You.  😛

4. ❤ Sing Your Favourite Song Or Dedicate A Song To Me As A Video Clip. 🎵

5. ❤ Speak About Me For At Least 3 Minutes And Send Me A Video. 😝

6. ❤ Tell Me Which Brand Undergarments You Wear.💃

7. ❤ Tell Me Your Deepest Secret.

8. ❤ Flirt me!!😳

9. ❤ Make A Collage Of Our Photos And Make It DP. 👻

10. ❤ Tell Me The Name Of Your First Crush. 😂

11. ❤ Write I Love You 50 Times And Send It To Me. 😏

12. ❤ Tell Me The Name Of First Girl/Boy, You Kissed.  😛

13. ❤ Come On Video Call And Send Me Kisses. 😘

14. ❤ What Am I To You?

15. ❤ Be My One Day BF/GF. 👫

16. ❤ Send Me A Picture Of What You Are Doing Now.

17. ❤ Do, 6,7 and 11th Dare.

18. ❤ Dance On Any Song And Send Me The Video.

19. ❤ Send Me A Picture Of You Wearing Least Clothes.

20. ❤ Tell Me Two Negative Points About Me That You Hate The Most.

Whatsapp Dare question 3 :

Select anyone and reply within 2 minutes.



👏👏: Propose Me
👉👉: Get Me Recharge of 100rs
👊👊: Come to a Party with Me
✊✊: Kiss Me
👌👌: Post I Love You status for 2 days on your Facebook timeline
👋👋: Give me a Tight Hug
👐👐: Send me your Worst Pic.
🙌🙌: Tell me the best you see in me
🙏🙏: Tell, What you hate most in me?
💪💪: Put My DP on your WhatsApp for 2 days
👎👎: Tell me who is the ugliest girl in our class
✌✌: Send Me I love You 5 Times ❤
☝☝: Tell me the name of your all Crushes till now.

Whatsapp Dare question 4 :

Choose any one of your Lucky number ?


1 Tell something which you do not like in me ..
2 Write a Whatsapp status for me for next 12 hours !
3 What kind of relationship do you expect from me ?
4 Rate me in looks from 1 to 100.
5 Call me and sing a song for me.
6 Rs 100 recharge on my phone
7 Tell me your relationship status-Single, Committed, Married, Divorced,Complicated, Engaged,etc
8 What you like the most in me?
9 Rate me as a friend from 1 to 10
0 Tell me your girlfriend/boyfriend name.

Whatsapp Dare question 5 :
Select any of your favorite color from options below and you have to perform according to color’s condition which I will send later.
Sky Blue
Blue – Make your partner pic to your’s DP (display picture).
Grey – Ask a neighbour for a roll of toilet paper.
Green – Tell your deepest secret to your partner.
Red – Delete your partner no. from your phone.
Yellow – Don’t talk to your partner for 1 day.
White – Drink 1 bottle of soda in 10 seconds.
Purple – Read the last WhatsApp message from your partner loudly.
Sky Blue – Call your Mom and introduce her with your partner.
Whatsapp Dare question 6 :
Emoji Dare: Choose the emoji, and get ready for your dare!!
😘  😚  😍  😙  😜  😝  😛  😄  😃  😀  😗  😒  😊  😉  😳  😁  😭  😌  ☺  😞  😣  😢  😂  😏  😪   😥  😰  😅
😘 Tell me something about your personal life.
😚 Give me Cadbury silk when u meet me.
😍 Write my name on your status for 6 hours.
😙 How you want me to be?
😜 Send me your crush picture.
😝 Write your status saying you love me.
😛 Put my DP as your for 2 day
😄 Send me your funniest picture.
😃 Tell me ur crush name
😀 What do you feel about me?
😗 Put my DP and my status for 4 hours.
😒 Hug me tight when you will meet me.
😊 Do my any work.
😉 On spot selfie must send now whatever You are doing.
😳 Do my recharge of 198/-
😁 Send me 10 friendship messages.
😭 Describe me in 3 lines.
😌 Take me For a long drive
☺ Tell me ur deepest secret.
😞 Tell me whom you kissed first in your life
😣 Tell me honestly whom do you love?
😢 Tell me about your love . Describe him/ her.
😂 Write a status that I am the best and keep it for one day.
😏 I will ask you three questions which you have to answer honestly.
😪 Upload a picture which I will give you, as your profile pic on fb
😥 Propose me right now.
😰 Send me a video of yours by saying anything.
😅 Write a text about me and send it to me.