Earn money with Facebook Live video: Ad Breaks

Ad Breaks are currently in beta testing with some Pages and Profiles in the U.S.

Ad breaks are a way for you to earn money from your Facebook Live broadcasts. Once you have a video that has 300 or more people watching at the same time, you’ll be eligible to set up ad breaks from your Page or profile.

You need to set up ad breaks for each Page or profile you go live from. After you set up ad breaks, you will be able to start your first ad break once your video gets enough viewers and you’ve been live for at least 4 minutes. Each ad break can last up to 15 seconds. Once your live broadcast has ended, you will continue to make money as people watch your video once it’s posted.

How do I set up ad breaks?

To set up ad breaks, you’ll need to have at least 2,000 followers. Once you’re set up, you can take ad breaks during any live broadcast that has more than 300 people watching at the same time, after you’ve been live for at least 4 minutes. You can take additional ad breaks every 5 minutes after your first break.

After you have gone live with a video that has met the requirements for ad breaks, Facebook will send you a notification to let you know you’re eligible for ad breaks. It will appear in your Notifications tab and look like this:

If you miss your first notification, you will receive a notification during your next Live broadcast. You’ll also see the new dollar-sign icon ($) that you’ll tap to take ad breaks.