how to advertise on facebook

How to advertise on Facebook in 7 simple steps

With these seven steps, you’ll be able to define your objective, target an audience, set a budget, and place your ad.

  1. Create a Facebook Business Page
    1. How- Go to
    2. Choose Page Category and fill the given details like Brand name, Product name, Company Name
    3. Click On Get Started.
    4. After that add cover image, profile pic and Create Username
  2. Now Click On Promote and select Manage all promotions.
  3. After that, CLick On Create a New Promotion and Select Get more Websites Visitors.
  4. Now, Add URL, Text and images for advertise.
  5. Now Select the Audience as per your Business like if you want only male then you can select male from gender. and if you want only visitors from INDIA then you can select country as INDIA.
  6. Now Select your Daily Budget and Duration
  7. Now, Add Your Payment Method and Select Promote.