How to send a Blank message on WhatsApp?

There are many ways to send a blank message on WhatsApp!


First Method :-

  1. Just go to any browser
  2. Copy the blank space between any two words
  3. Paste in Whatsapp


Second Method :- ( For PC/Laptops)

  1. Open Notepad on your PC
  2. type “Alt+255” which will create a blank space in that Notepad file.
  3. Now, save it
  4. Copy it to your Android phone, open that .txt file, copy everything from that file
  5.  Paste it in your WhatsApp and send. 

Third Method :-

We already have a smart, special app that can do this stuff – Noword.

This app is simply made to send a blank message anywhere – on Whatsapp, or even on your Facebook Messenger App.

To send a blank message using Noword App:


  1. Open Noword App.
  2. Tap on “Send” and on the following screen, you will get option to choose from messengers.
  3. Select “Whatsapp” and choose the person or group with whom you want to share blank message with.