Access Blocked Websites like facebook, Youtube in your College or office

You want to access some bloody social media sites on a college’s blocked wi-fi, my guess is you don’t anything about setting up a VPN or Proxy servers.

I have 2 easy ways for you to get past the block and access the social media sites:

1) Using online translator

a) Search for google translate and go to translator(URL:  Google Translate)
b) In the first search box select any language other than English and English in the second search box
c) Enter the site URL in first box and you can see the same URL with hyperlink in the second box.
d) Click on it and enjoy the site.

2) Using the IP

a) Select Windows+R and type – ‘ping facebook. com‘ (remove the extra space before com while trying this)
b) Yon see the IP address in the command prompt, it looks like this:
c) Type the same IP in the browser, enjoy the site.