How to Hide any file inside an image file

– This a small steganography hack that is really useful, when you want to send some file over internet, but upload of only image file is allowed on that server.

– In short, when you see the file it’s just a normal image, but it has some hidden message inside it, or in general it can contain anything, even a whole movie.

– There are lots of tools available for this purpose, but we can do it using what we already have just the command prompt in windows.

          The image I will be using is this

Now, I want to hide a MS word file and a Pdf behind this image, select both the file and send to a Zip file.

Steps to follow…

1.       Place the zip file and the image in a folder, I am placing it on the desktop.

2.      Open cmd (command prompt) and then go to the directory where both the files are. Like for example, in this case, it’s “desktop”. So you might need to type cd desktop 

3.      Now type copy /b imagefilename + zipfilename [filename with extensions], here is the image for clarity.

Description: main-qimg-03791e212a133f7a539798692d3a66d4-c?convert_to_webp=true

          Now the size of the image will increase, what this is doing is simple, just appending the second file to the first file and that /b is to specify that it is a binary file.


Opening The file
–     After copying, the image file size will only increase, but it can be opened normally and no difference will be seen except the size. To open the Zip file, open this image with any Zip tool like 7zip,        winrar, or winzip and you can find all the files there, just extract it wherever you want.