How to Automatically expand spellings we used to while chat

          While preparing reports, presentations, etc. there are some words which we use repeatedly. MS Office lets you assign shortcuts  for the same. E.g. You can tell MS Office to automatically convert ‘becoz’ into ‘because’, etc.

          Press the small drop down button at the top left corner of the screen and click ‘More commands’. A new Word Options  window will appear.

          Click Proofing and then Autocorrect options…

          Now type the shortcut in the ‘Replace’ textbox and its expansion in the ‘With’ textbox.

          Click Add. It’s done!   Now whenever you will type ‘thru’ and press space bar, it will automatically change into ‘through’.

Similarly you can add a myriad of words. Some examples:

                   ->wo for without

                  ->govt for government

                  ->tech for technology

                  ->org for organization, etc., etc.