How to Use Siri Smartely

Do maths – In iOS 9, Siri seems to be a maths whiz. You can ask her basic sums, and some tougher ones, but she’ll also be able to work out conversions. For instance, you could say ‘covert 243 miles into kilometres’ and Siri should give you the correct answer.

Set contextual reminders – Siri has always been able to set to reminders for you, but in iOS 9 she can set them to appear when you hit a certain location. Want to be reminded to pick up milk when you’re in Tesco? Siri can help.

Show photos by date(IOS 9) – The iOS Photos app had a design makeover in iOS 8, and now iOS 9 introduces new features like the ability to access your albums and snaps through Siri. The voice assistant can call up specific shots either by location or date. If you ask Siri to ‘show photos taken in London last year’ it’ll bring up all the relevant results.

Show photos by place, names and locations(Exclusive on IOS 10):  Now, you can search the photos by specific name, place and location with updated IOS 10 version.(Released 13th Sep,16 22:30, +5:30 GMT)