How to Start Your Car with Android Phone

Start Your Car with Your Android phone:

Yes, your android phone can be the key to start your car, Regardless of where you are. Even If you are another city, country or continent, you will still be capable of starting, locking, unlocking and controlling your car wirelessly from miles away.

All you need is the Viper Smartstart app and you are all set to throw away your boring car key and the key-chains. Your Android phone is now all you need to start, lock and unlock your car.

Apart from the basic features the app has loads of other features. In order to access all the features of this app you will need to get your hands on the paid version of this app which would cost you around $149 for the viper Smartstart Bluetooth module and extra $399 for the GPS module.

The weirdest thing about this app is that it enables your car to share its activity on Facebook. Sounds funny but according to the app developers, your car needs friends too. Another cool thing our android phones can do.

Features of Viper Smartstart:


– Lock/arm
– Unlock/disarm
– Remote car starter
– Trunk release
– Panic or car finder
– Aux channels

Download Viper Smartstart from Play Store