How to Overlock Your Android Devices

Overclocking is the process of forcing a computer or component to operate faster than the manufactured clock frequency. You should overclock your device if you want to obtain more power from it. 

However overclocking your phone, would degrade your phone in long run.

How much can you overclock ? 
0-20% of your stock frequency.

Overclocking beyond that, would lead to instability (shutdown and reboots) and also might fry your motherboard. 

How to Overlock?

  • First of all custom kernal is being required. Thus, youshould follow suitable step by step guide that can safely be applied on your device, keep in mind that do not install custom kernal by yourself as it may lead you in bricking you phone.
  • After enabling overlocking you need to download one of this apps: SetCPU, No-frills CPU Control, or IncrediControl; install the tool on your device and run the same. Follow the on-screen instructions in order to increase the CPU frequency, then reboot the device and its done.