How to Mirror Your TV Audio to Your Android Device

Mirroring your TV audio to your android device!

What you need: Any TV set, A laptop, an android smartphone, internet connection and 3 earphones.

–  Plug in one of your earphones into the audio jack of your TV. Plug another earphone to your laptop. Now arrange these earphones in such a manner that the earplugs of first are very close to mic of second i.e. laptop’s earphone.

–  Installing SoundWire.

Go to the url and download the server for your laptop OS version.

Similarly go to Google Playstore and download SoundWire free version app.

–  Create Hotspot

Now you have 2 choices :either connect both of them to same wifi, or create laptop hotspot and connect your mobile to it. Second one is recommend as there will be less traffic.

You may use Connectify Hotspot free version for this purpose Download – Connectify .

–   Configure it as per you. Click on start hotspot and connect your mobile to it.

–  Connecting your Laptop and Android.

–  Open the SoundWire server on your Laptop.

Select input as HeadSet Mic.

Now turn off all your firewalls (windows + antivirus : google it if u don’t know how)

Now press win+R to bring run dialog box. Type in cmd there.

Now on the command prompt type ipconfig

Scroll down and look for something like this. See the IPv4 address. In my case it is192.168.58.1.

Open up SoundWire on your android connected to hotspot, and enter this address in the box. Hit the wire icon and your sound is mirrored.

Now just plug in your earphones on the mobile and adjust the TV volume.