Follow These Steps to Enable RTL (Right-­to­-left) Layout On Android:


1. Open “Settings” on the Smart-phone.

2. Tap on “Developer Options”. (If you are not able to show “developer option” then tap on “About Phone”. Scroll down to “Build Number” and tap on maximum seven times to activate the “Developer Options”).

3 Once you have accessed the Developer Options then scroll down to find out the “Force RTL Layout Direction”. Just tap on it. The option will be activated automatically.

4. Finally, you are enabled the mode. Hence, all the System Menus & Google Apps will indicate the changes.


This trick is very useful for lefties (left­ handed people) who find the regular LTR (left to­ right) layout quite irritating. If the system language of your device is the one which uses a right­ to ­left script as in

Arabic or Hebrew then the changes from LTR (Left­ to ­right) to RTL (Right­ to ­left) is automatically done. If you use the simple left ­to­ right script as in English language, then just follow these simple steps to enable RTL layout on your Android device.