How to Add Music Visualization to Your Android Navigationbar

CyanogenMod, the popular custom ROM available for many Android devices, has a nice feature that displays a music visualizer beneath your on-screen navigation keys while you’re listening to your favorite songs.

Here is a tweak to get it on any rooted Android device:

  • In order to use this awesome feature, you need a rooted android device and Xposed framework installed.
  • Install NavBar Music Visualizer: Open Xposed installer app and head to the Download section. Then search for NavBar/StatusBar music visualizer.
  • You can find something like this:

  • Now, swipe to the Versions tab and click the download button for the latest stable version.

  • Install the module once the download is finished (You may need to enable Unknown sources in android settings). After finishing the installation, open Xposed installer app and activate the visualizer from the Modules tab.
  • Configure the visualizer: Open the visualizer app, swipe right to tune the settings. Press the checkmark when you are finished. You may need to play music while customizing to view the changes in real time. Some features need to play new media content (skipping tracks) to view the effects.
  • This is what you see when you open the app:

  • With everything set up now, all you have to do is play some music to trigger the new feature. So next time while playing music, no matter what screen you’re on, you’ll see the visualizer overlaid neatly behind your navigation keys, dancing away to the beat!