How to Auto Shutdown PC

Follow the below steps:

          Open Notepad, & write the following Command.

shutdown /s /t 0

          Save it as shutdown.bat. Make sure to change the Save as type to All files.

          Copy the Saved file.

          Open Run, type the following command & press Enter. This will bring up the startup folder where you have to paste the file.

shell: startup

          Now, whenever the user account is opened, the system will automatically shut down without user confirmation.

           Using resource monitor to know which application/process is using up your Internet/HDD/CPU/RAM.

          Resource Monitor has been there for ages but no one seems to use it.

          It provides most details which are typically hidden from the user and the best, it comes with Windows.

          Set a timer to shut down Windows.Open Run

          Type the following command


shutdown /s /t 300

          This command will shut down your PC exactly after 300 seconds or 5 Minutes.

          The 300 represents number of seconds, you may change it as per your requirement.

          The /s represents the function to shut down. You may replace it with /r for restart function.


          To abort shutdown, use shutdown -a command.