Tips and New Features for Android 7 Nougat

  • Double-tap to switch between recent apps


Android 7.0’s split-screen multi-tasking is perhaps the new software’s most catchy feature. Quickly double-tap the square ‘apps’ soft key and Android will switch between your two most recently used apps.


  • More emoji

There are 72 all new additions, bringing the total number of emoji officially supported in Android up to 1,791.


  • Use Data Saver to block apps

Data Saver is one of the most important new features of Android 7.0. it is a good way to take a bit of control over your device’s battery and data usage while in standby.


How to block apps:-

Settings > Data Usage > Data Saver.



  • Quick reply


There’s no need to actually go to into a messaging app anymore, as basically everything gets quick reply through the new modifications made to Android’s notifications. You can reply to messages, see other replies and conduct your business without ever leaving the app you were already in. It’s great.


  • Edit Quick Notification

Just tap the edit button on the bottom right of the quick settings panel and move them around by holding and dragging.



  • Drag and drop text, images when in multi-window mode


When using two apps at the same time, you can drag-and-drop text between the two windows. Highlight the text, then long-press on it until the text begins to float. Drag it to a text field in another window, and let go. The same goes for sharing images between two apps, assuming they’ve been updated for the latest of Google’s wares.